OBM Patch Notes

Patch 3.2.0

Manager Avatars
Each player can now freely choose one of the new avatars for their manager profile. (The images were generated using AI)
The core of the game has been overhauled and brought to a current PHP version. Much of the logic and code has been refactored. (type safety, performance, OOP)
Bug fixes & Optimizations
- The loading times have been significantly improved - Numerous minor adjustments and bug fixes have been made in the game.
We would like to say a big thank you to all the players who have reported bugs and suggested improvements!

Patch 3.1.0

Boxer talent level
One of the boxer's hidden attributes will now be visible. The level of talent has a direct impact on daily training progress.
Youth Center
The youth center is finally finding its way into the game system. This feature was planned in the early days of OBM. In addition to the usual expansion stages, players can invite new talents and train them through the youth leader. The training success and talent level of the youngsters only become visible after one or two seasons.
Club locations
Players can now open their club in many new locations or move their existing facilities completely. There are still costs of € 500,000 for a move. The new locations are e.g. in: Brazil, Sweden, Japan, Italy, Spain, France, Korea, and many more.
Bug fixes & optimizations
- The loading times have been optimized - Numerous other minor adjustments and bug fixes have been made in the game.
We would like to thank all players who have provided us with bug reports and suggestions for improvement!

Patch 3.0.0

New user interface (GUI)
The old static width surface was completely replaced by a responsive version. The gaming experience should now be possible without interference on all possible devices. We will make minor adjustments to the GUI in the course of the near future in order to optimize all resolutions and platforms of the players as possible.
New framework (PHP)
The heart of the OBM, the actual (self-written) PHP framework, has been completely revised and adapted for the current PHP versions. For the players, that actually only means: faster loading times and new features!
This area has also been revised and is primarily intended to give the game more depth. Each player can now instruct the scout to obtain further information from the opponent before an important fight. Boxer attributes and other information can no longer be viewed by an unseen boxer from other teams.
Transfer market
All boxers (from all teams) can now be found via the TM. Players can put their boxers on the transfer market. Either with a desired transfer fee or as the status "I'm only interested in offers".
Boxer contracts & trust
Boxers have received a new attribute "trust". This reflects the current loyalty of the boxers to their club or team. Boxers with little "familiarity" are likely to be less interested in signing new gag contracts. The "boxer contracts" area has been revised. The boxer's trust now has a direct impact on the contract negotiations. A boxer who has a lot of confidence in the team is more likely to accept a lower salary for new contracts.
Fight animations & GFX
Finally the time has come! The combat animations find their way into the game. Numerous 3D graphics have been implemented for female and male boxers. VIP members can now customize their stars.
VIP & in-game shop
We have revised the old donation system and are now offering an in-game shop to all players who want to support the OBM. This can be used to collect coins for small amounts that can be exchanged for in-game items or VIP status. Any real money payments are used purely to refinance the project. All new players will automatically receive 30 days of VIP status. We will also distribute game codes with VIP status to all players at certain intervals.
Thank you!
We would like to thank all the players who have remained loyal to us over the years and have kept the game alive!

Patch 2.8.0

Champions League
  • The Champions League has been added for the 6vs6 league mode. Every season, the best three teams from the four countries can compete against each other in their own international league for the Champions League trophy.
  • On the start page you will now find an overview of the current match day of the Champions League with a list of the teams and their position in the table overview.
Boxing nations
  • Numerous new boxing nations have been added to the game: Australia , Brazil , Canada , Chile , Cameroon , Costa Rica , Spain , France , Honduras , Croatia , Italy , Kenya , North Korea , South Korea , Nigeria , Nicaragua , Norway , Panama , Philippines , Puerto Rico , Sweden , South Africa
  • These boxers will appear on the transfer market in the future and can also already be found via the scout.
License fights
  • In future, opponents for license fights will no longer be assigned from the same class, but only from the next higher license class.
OBM teaser video
  • We have posted our OBM teaser videos on the homepage. These are available in German, English and Spanish.
Error messages / bugs
  • Further optimizations were made to the referee's decisions.
  • Title fights with the rating "draw" have led to errors in the system. The correct number of rounds for (automatic) title fights is now set.
  • Various bugs have been corrected in the game. (See support forum)

Patch 2.7.0

Design / Layout
  • We have the basic OBM layout, as well as the start page and Navigation completely revised.
  • Important navigation points now contain additional icons, to simplify the operation.
Boxer motivation
  • The boxer's current motivation is now in play as a value visible.
  • The motivation can be increased through regular one-on-one interviews with boxers, as well as being increased through success in rankings and leagues.
  • With this feature we want to achieve that players don't accumulate longer targeted TP items in order to attract new talents train one stroke to ~ 80 STR. Managers who care about the motivation of their boxers now have advantages over other managers, the motivation of the boxers in the stable neglect.
Ranking lists
  • All rankings with less than 6 boxers are now with CPUs filled up.
Boxer skills / talent trees
  • Level 3 skills are now available when 10 points in the Talent tree has been invested.
  • Level 4 skills are now available after 15 points in the Talent tree has been invested.
  • To raise the monthly costs of running the server we need your support!
  • An overview of the current donation history is now on the Home and office available.
  • Registered managers receive in-game rewards for donations.
  • For a 10 EUR donation you will now receive EXP, TP and Fitness- also a new item with which your first and last name of a Boxers can change.
Error messages / bugs
  • A bug in the audience calculations for the league mode has been corrected.
  • An error on the Transfermarkt website has been corrected.

Patch 2.6.0

Period Nov. 2013 - Feb. 2014
League mode
  • Players can now take part in an additional 2v2 mode in addition to the 6v6 mode.
  • Viewers' income for league fights is now charged as a day event instead of per fight as before.
  • A separate price can now be used for each league mode.
  • Calculations for the viewer income of the league mode have been revised.
  • New statistics for league mode and spectator income have been added to the hall area.
  • Leagues are now populated with CPUs.
Ranking battles
  • It is now possible for all boxers to set their own entry prices for the upcoming ranking fights.
  • The amount of the maximum entry fees for ranked matches has been increased.
  • The amount of the entry fees paid by the associations for automatically assigned fights has been reduced.
  • In the associations of license classes C to S, 30% fewer spectators now appear for automatically assigned fights. This is indicated, for example, in the office by a corresponding information.
  • At the request of the community, offers for ranked matches can now also be sent to several boxers in parallel.
Weight classes
  • Half welter weight of 60-64kg instead of 57-64kg
  • Featherweight was renamed to "lightweight" / weight of 56-60kg instead of 54-57kg
  • Bantam weight of 52-56kg instead of 54-57kg
  • Fly weight of 49-52kg instead of 48-54kg
  • Heavyweight became "cruiserweight" (men and women)
  • Super heavyweight became "heavyweight" (men and women)
  • The calculations for the total thicknesses were changed in preparation for upcoming features. These values ​​are now given rounded in steps of 5.
  • The calculation for boxer salaries has been adjusted. Licenses now have more of an impact on salary.
  • Entry fees paid by the associations are now also valid for local association tournaments.
  • Tournaments now always take place in the CPU hall. Thus, no spectator income is generated for these fights.
  • At the request of the community, further changes have been made to the marketplace.
  • The maximum number of auctions a player can have per day has been reduced to 3.
  • Players can unlock additional slots for additional auctions.
  • The total number of auctions in the marketplace has been reduced from 5 to 4.
  • Two employees and two items always appear in the auctions.
  • Only level 5 employees are offered.
  • The trainer is no longer available in the marketplace.
  • An overview of the last auctions including buyer data has been added.
  • Salaries and effects of the cleaning staff have been adjusted.
  • Some of the sponsor payments have been reduced by 25%.
  • You can now create your own team descriptions in the profile. Share your goals and strategies with other managers.
  • A bug with "Log in in a row" success has been fixed.
  • A problem with sending combat bids has been fixed.
  • Max. The bid amount for youth boxers was incorrectly specified. The offer limit is based on the association's license class. The boxer's license in the youth field can be higher than the license of the federation (YBF).
  • Fixed wrong calculation of KOs in league.
  • The license progress for Boxer is now calculated correctly again.
Included in the next update
  • Judges and the "10-points-must" -point evaluation for boxing matches.
  • New calculations on salaries and dynamic market values ​​for boxers.
We would like to thank all testers, players and moderators who actively support us!

Patch 2.5.0

Construction times
  • Construction times have been added to the game for the expansion of club and hall features.
Club training
  • The new feature, which has been in the beta phase for some time, has now been activated for all players. The new training page for all boxers is available under the navigation point "Club". With this new feature, the daily training for all boxers can be carried out.
Club fans
  • There is also a new "Fans" tab under the "Club" navigation point.
    Here the current numbers of fans and their growth are shown for each boxer.
  • The hall area has been completely redesigned.
New hall employees
  • There are now new employees available in the hall: music band , ring announcer , cleaning and security service .
  • The new employees have a direct effect on the cleanliness, the feel-good factor and the number of visitors to the hall.
  • The sale of fan articles can now be managed via the Fan Shop under the navigation point "Hall".
Bank interest rates
  • The interest rate on credit was reduced from 4.87% to 2.2%.
  • The interest rate for overdraft facilities was reduced from 66.6% to 33.3%.
  • The interest rate for inc. Credit has been reduced from 37.5% to 19%.
  • The descriptions of the employees now contain more information on effects, bonuses and other effects.
We would like to thank all testers, players and moderators who actively support us!

Patch 2.4.0

  • Illegal street fights, angry child gangs and costly mafia birthdays will now increasingly appear in the game.
League rewards
  • The champions and runners-up as well as knockout champs of the first division will now receive items and sponsorship money as a reward at the end of the season.
  • Newcomers in the lower leagues also receive items and sponsorship money as a reward.
Planning & Training
  • Planning for ranked matches and training are now summarized on a single page.
  • A new navigation for your boxers has been added to the new training page, which allows you to switch between boxers more quickly.
  • The planning for friendship fights has been removed, but friendship fights can still be started in the office.
  • License fights and tournaments are now compulsory events, but no fees are charged anymore.
  • The number of local association tournaments within a season has been reduced from 3 to 2.
  • There will be no more ranked matches on the tournament and license days.
Sponsorship money
  • Bonus amounts for fights have been doubled.
  • Bonus amounts for title fights have been doubled.
Box contracts
  • A new function "Extend all contracts" has been added to the club overview.
New items
  • Manager item large wallet (+ € 250,000) has been added to the system.
  • Manager Item Moneybag (+ € 500,000) has been added to the system.
  • Manager Item EXP +15 has been added to the system.
  • Manager Item EXP +30 has been added to the system.
Game codes
  • OBM game codes can now be activated in the office or via the inventory. Game codes contain valuable items and rewards for the game. You can get codes on Facebook and other events.
  • The presentation of the survey has been completely revised.
  • Added display for maximum characters.
  • The creation date of the posts is now also displayed.
  • The number of new posts - since the last login - has been incorporated.
  • The problem with the lack of prize money for tournaments has been analyzed and fixed.
  • However, the prize money paid has been reduced by 50%.
Other bugs & error messages
  • A bug has been fixed that had awarded the title KO champ several times at the end of the league season.
  • The known bug with "Invite friends" has been identified and fixed.
  • The problem "create another offer after rejection" when planning ranked matches has been fixed.
  • Boxers who are retiring will now also be removed from the league line-ups.
  • A bug when changing the team name has been fixed.
  • English translations have been created for the battle bid windows.
  • A bug in the transfer market that prevented bids for auctions has been fixed.
  • Managers who rejoin after a long league break now start in the league of their current country of residence.
  • The advertisement for extending sponsorship contracts has been adapted.
  • An incorrect note was removed from the Boxer Transfermarkt window.

Patch 2.3.0

Experience points / skills
  • All boxers receive experience points (EXP) in the course of their career and can use these to increase their experience levels.
  • Experience points can be gained through battles or converted from training points (TP).
  • For each level of experience, boxers receive a "skill point" for learning certain skills.
  • The skills are divided into three categories "Offensive" , "Defensive" and "Counterattack" , each of which contains 10 unique skills.
New country: "Mexico"
  • New leagues for Mexico are now available!
  • The following new Mexican cities have been added: León, Tijuana, Mérida, Mexico City, Puebla, Monterrey, Naucalpan de Juárez, Guadalupe, Ecatepec de Morelos, Guadalajara and Ciudad Juárez You can move your existing clubs to one of these new cities via the profile .
  • [EBF] Elite Boxing Federation has been added as a new association for license class "B".
Server / GUI
  • The OBM has moved to the hosting service provider "Hetzner" on a root server. The new server was christened "Hercules".
  • The attribute training has been revised and converted to Javascript and is now much faster. Used training units can be undone using the "Reset" function. The training is only accepted when the "Save" button has been clicked.
  • The upper header area and the page navigation have been revised.
  • A new navigation item "Statistics" has been added. Here you can find all statistical information about leagues, rankings, boxers and players in the OBM. If a statistic is missing, please let us know in the forum.
Bug fixes
  • Boxers who were hired through the scout had received too many experience points.
  • The fight statistics as well as the title defenses of the club are now displayed correctly.
  • Various minor bugs have been fixed. Further information can be found in the forum under "Bugs & Error Messages".
We would like to thank all testers, players and moderators who actively support us!

Patch 2.2.0

Ranking battles
  • The number of boxing rounds is now specified by the association. Amateur fights with licenses F to D are played in 3 rounds of 3 minutes each. From a professional license C there are 6 rounds and from B even 8 rounds. Champion classes A and S are held (as on TV) over the full 12 rounds.
  • Contract periods for employees have been introduced.
  • New employees receive a contract for 24 match days.
  • Certain club licenses are now required for the respective employees, but these can be activated for a sum of money.
Weight classes
  • The weight classes for women have been adjusted and the following classes have been removed from the game: "Paper Weight", "Medium Heavyweight" and "Super Heavyweight". This means that there are only 10 weight classes for men and women.
  • The weight restrictions of the "light flyweight", "middleweight" and "super heavyweight" classes for women have been adjusted.
  • A new bulletin board has been added to the office. With this new feature, managers can now get in direct contact with the community.
  • Pin boards have also been introduced for the rankings and leagues.
  • CPUs will be removed from the rankings if more than 6 Boxers (instead of the previous 10) are listed.
  • There were automatic adjustments for strength and age, as well as levels for postures, styles and tactics of the CPUs.
Performance / server speed
  • Numerous measures have been taken to improve server speed.
Bug fixes
  • The correct champion belts are now displayed again in the ranking lists.
  • The scout's search for "up to 75kg" led to incorrect results.
  • Incorrect age information was displayed in the offers for friendship matches.
  • Various other bugs (see forum) have been fixed.
We would like to thank all the players and moderators who actively support us!

Patch 2.1.0

  • The forum with all important news and announcements about the game is finally online. Our moderators are at your side for all questions.
New country
  • Russia have been added as a new country.
  • More new cities are available: Ekaterinburg , Kazan , Moscow , Nizhny , Novosibirsk , Omsk , Rostov-on-Don , Samara , Saint Petersburg and Chelyabinsk . Attention: All teams that move to the new cities will automatically switch to the new Russian leagues for the next season.
Ranking lists / associations
  • Association [GNU] Global Novice Union was added for License E .
  • Association [IPBA] International Professional Boxing Association was added for License C .
  • Boxers from inactive managers (more than 30 days) have been removed from the rankings.
  • The indicator of the total strength has been removed from the rankings. The fight statistics and a history of the last fights can now be seen here.
  • The increase in value when training attributes has been reduced.
  • The proportion of speed in critical hit chance has been reduced from 12% to 8% .
  • The proportion of agility in critical hit chance has been increased from 2% to 8% .
  • The nicknames for boxers have been fully integrated into the game. At the moment over 160 different names can be activated. You will receive a corresponding item for activation with the repeatable success "Logged in for 20 days in a row" .
  • The chance of success for the scouting is now 100% if the club has fewer than 3 boxers; previously this only applied to the first boxer.
  • The maximum age of the first two boxers (founding of the club) was limited to 27 years.
  • The league mode can now also be seen in the public area of ​​the OBM.
  • Managers are now deactivated for league mode after 30 days of inactivity , so they will no longer be taken over for the following season and other teams can move up instead.
Miscellaneous / bug fixes
  • The strength value when searching for friendship matches has been increased from 0-99 to 0-200 .
  • The strength value when searching the transfer market was increased from 0-99 to 0-200 .
  • A display error of the icons in the battle log has been fixed.
  • A fatal error was fixed in the message system.
  • Some display errors in "Internet Explorer" have been fixed.
  • The user interface has been further optimized for browsers such as "Opera", "Safari", "Chrome" and "Internet Explorer 7/8".
  • Joe-Jason
  • Prester
  • TheHoff
  • Lucky Luciano
  • El_Terminator
  • Sauron
  • - And everyone who supports us!

Patch 2.0.0

Languages ​​
  • The Online Boxing Manager (OBM) has been completely translated into English . The current language can be changed on each page in the upper area using the flag buttons.
New country / New cities
  • The United States of America (USA) has been added to the game as a new country.
  • The following 10 additional cities are now available: Chicago , Dallas , Detroit , Houston , Los Angeles , New York , Philadelphia , Phoenix , San Antonio , San Diego and San José . Attention: All teams that move to the new cities will automatically switch to the new US leagues for the next season.
  • Champions receive so-called compulsory title defense fights every 3 match days through the associations. The top candidate is the first placed in the respective ranking.
  • An overview of the matches of the current match day has been added to the individual rankings of the associations.
  • Some calculations in the combat system have been revised. The base damage caused on hits has been increased slightly. For out-fighters there are now more advantages over brawlers in combat
Inactive managers
  • Managers receive a reminder email after 10 days without login .
  • Managers will be deactivated for league mode after 30 days without login . These teams are marked accordingly in the tables and will not be taken into account for the next league season.
  • A tooltip window with the most important boxer information now appears by mouse-over effect on the boxer's names.
Hall / spectators
  • The effect of seat prices on the calculation of audience numbers has been adjusted.
New employee / forum moderator
  • We warmly welcome our future forum moderator Prester . This lays the foundations for the first official OBM forum, which will be activated shortly.
  • Fix: Transparent PNG logos are now saved correctly.
  • Fix: A bug in the Quickmatch function has been fixed.
  • Fix: A loophole in the system was closed, through which it was possible to plan several ranking fights and friendship fights for one game day.
  • Fix: An error on the boxer overview page (boxer without bandage) has been fixed.
  • Fix: A problem with the buy-it-now function in the transfer market has been fixed.
  • Other minor bugs and imperfections have been fixed.
  • TheHoff - The numerous bug descriptions, beta tests and especially for the compiling the OBM !
  • Prester - For the numerous ideas, error descriptions and suggestions for improvement.
  • MissdoubleK - For beta testing and reporting numerous bugs.
  • Lucky Luciano - For tracking down major errors in the system :-)
  • Bookie - For the error description "Boxer without bandage".

Patch 1.9.0

Summary of all changes to the game
New managers
  • All new managers who found a club receive a trainer and assistant trainer as well as two amateur boxers. Furthermore, the team will be registered in league mode for the foundation.
  • The new Quickmatch feature has been implemented in the game. This gives every manager the opportunity to automatically assign friendship fights to his boxers once a day via the office <. However, opponents and venues are assigned randomly . Note: All boxers are activated for "Quickmatches" by default! This option can be deactivated via the boxer's planning page.
Associations and cities
  • New German boxing metropolises are now available. The new cities are Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Jena, Würzburg, Hanover, Nuremberg, Cologne, Hamburg and Dresden. Via the Profile you can now move your existing clubs to these cities for a small fee. However, the choice of location has no effect on the further course of the game at the moment.
  • A new association [IABA] International Amateur Boxing Association for the License D has been activated. All boxers with a "License D" or higher may switch to this association and ranking lists.
  • The Berliner Box-Verband has been renamed to [INA] International Newcomers Association .
  • The 1. German Youth Boxing Association has been renamed to [IBYF] International Youth Boxing Federation .
  • In the office , corresponding notices now appear when boxers can switch to the higher associations. Association changes are possible once a day if no ranking fights are planned.
Ranking battles
  • Offers received for ranked matches can now also be rejected. The managers concerned will be informed.
  • New offers received are displayed as directly when logging in and in the office.
  • The creation of offers is now a little more user-friendly.
  • The sponsorship contracts can now be renewed one day before the end of the contract.
Achievements / Manager Achievements
  • Success "1 boxer under contract" has been removed. The reward item "Tp +5" is given to all new managers with success "Club founded" .
  • New achievement "Logged in 8 days in a row" has been added.
  • Success "logged in 10 days in a row" became "logged in 12 days in a row".
  • Spectators - The effect of the hall size on seat prices has been reduced from 50% to 25% .
  • Salary boxers under 18 years of age - The basic amount for calculating the salary for boxers under 18 years of age has been increased from 45, - € to 15, - € lowered. That corresponds to 1/3 of the normal salary.
  • Transfermarkt - Your own amount of the maximum highest bid is now displayed in the bid overview. The presentation has been revised a little
  • Manager - Messages can now be written from the manager info pages (message icon)
  • Manager - The "add friend" function has been added to the manager info pages. (Friends Icon)
  • Injury history - The display now contains further information on the time and duration of an injury.
  • Fix: The costs for the Scout were not displayed correctly in the balance sheet.
  • Fix: "Friends online" was not displayed correctly.
  • Fix: Seat prices were displayed incorrectly in the offer window for fights.
  • Fix: Some league encounters were not carried out correctly. We apologize to all affected teams for this error.
  • Fix: Error code # 1420 in the offer window for ranked matches was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fix: An error in the "Forgot password" function has been fixed.
  • Fix: Boxers with names that are too long are now shortened in certain places.
  • Performance: Backend and frontend have been optimized.
We thank
this time
  • Lucky Luciano - For the numerous suggestions for improvement and tickets
  • BoxbudenBodo - Information on sponsorship contracts
  • TheHoff - Notes on the transfer market and injuries
  • KentBeck - Ticket to the "Friends Online" problem
  • Missdoublek - Comparison of the audience prices and the effect of the hall size

Patch 1.8.0

  • The calculations for boxers' salaries and market values ​​have been completely revised.
  • Market prices are recalculated every night based on the revised formulas. Note: Champions are worth around 15% more.
  • The combat system has been revised to make the fights even more exciting. Tactics, stances and boxing styles are now more effective.
  • Daily fitness points for boxers have been increased from 50 to 60 .
  • The calculation of the fitness penalty in combat has been changed: 5 base points for the fight + 1/3 the number of actions in the fight. Old calculation was 15 base points + 1/2 the number of actions
  • Injuries to the boxers have been implemented into the game. So the dusty Medikit from your inventory can finally be used.
  • Your medical team will try to treat injuries every day and thus shorten the duration of the injury. The likelihood of this depends on the level of your doctors.
  • An injury history for the boxers was built in.
Transfer history
  • Information on age, strength, license and market value under "Past transfers" is now read historically.
  • A transfer history has been added for the boxer and manager view.
Club employees
  • Employees are now hired with a minimum contract period of 3 match days .
  • The view of the boxers has been redesigned.
Support Tickets
  • In the office, notices will be displayed if there are new answers or status changes for your tickets.
  • You can now send further information about your existing tickets at any time.
  • Fix: The prize money was not included in the total amounts on the balance sheet.
  • Fix: The ad for friends online was incorrect.
  • Other small improvements have been made.
This time we would like to thank:
  • BoxbudenBodo - For suggesting minimum contract periods for employees and suggestions for improving the ticket system.
  • TheHoff - For the chic tables and diagrams of the boxer's salary development, as well as information on fitness deductions in combat.
  • Lucky Luciano - For the reference to the price money calculation

Patch 1.7.0

  • The scout can now search for specific weight classes (for a small fee). The weight classes are like in league mode up to 60kg / up to 75kg / over 75kg .
  • The view has been revised a little.
Boxer training
  • The boxer's training page has been completely redesigned. Training points (TP) can now be invested much faster.
  • Remaining points to the next level for tactics, attitude and style are no longer lost. They are transferred as a percentage as progress.
  • The interest for credit balances and overdraft facilities have been exchanged for fair interest rates , which greatly reduces the daily expenses for interest.
  • The Bank window now offers some information on the calculations for credit lines and interest rates .
New manager successes
  • The club licenses are now one of the manager's successes. All managers receive rewards when they log into the game.
League system
  • Masters, runners-up and promoted and relegated champions receive a small icon in the table overview.
  • Further improvements to the mode change have been made for the 24th matchday.
Offers ranked matches
  • The small planning icon in the boxer list (drop-down menu) now flashes when there are offers for ranked fights.
History of the last fights
  • The view of the last fights has been redesigned. They are now divided into ranked, non-ranked (friendship fights), tournament and license fights .
  • If champions change associations or weight classes, messages about the handover of titles are now displayed to all managers concerned .
Profile - Settings
  • You can hide completed tasks in the calendar.
  • A new newsletter option has been implemented. This allows you to activate or deactivate the newsletter for yourself. The newsletter informs you about the latest patches and fixes , as well as important information about the game .
  • Fix: League system promoters / relegators were assigned incorrectly.
  • Fix: The fitness could increase over 100 with the "recovery" function.
  • Fix: Messages for special champion title messages were incorrect.
  • Fix: Switching between the tables in the league overview led to incorrect displays.
  • Numerous other improvements have been made to the game.
Special thanks go to TheHoff , Lucky Luciano , Missdoublek and BoxbudenBodo for the helpful support tickets.

Patch 1.6.0

  • The associations' local tournaments have been implemented in the game. 8-man tournaments for the weight classes are now being held in all associations. Participants will be drawn within a weight class for Tournament [A] to Tournament [X] . The local tournament days are blue in the calendar and take place 3 times a season .
  • Sponsors now also pay a huge bonus for tournament wins.
  • On the local tournament days , a button for automatic registration will be displayed in the boxer's planning area. No further fights can be planned during the tournament period. Exceptions are dropped or unregistered boxers. The registration fee (amount depends on the association) will be drawn in from all participants on the first day of the tournament.
  • Finalists will be rewarded with prize money .
  • There is a new entry "Prize money" in the balance sheet.
  • In the office, messages are displayed about boxers who have gone one round or eliminated.
  • Attention: The tournament fights cannot end in a draw after 12 rounds and are therefore always extended by one round. Fights can therefore go well beyond 12 rounds. Make sure that your boxers always have sufficient fitness . On the days of the tournament, remaining TP should therefore be invested in recreation for the boxers.
Reward "Log in days in a row"
  • The rewards for logging in in a row were not issued correctly. The error has been corrected. All managers today already receive the reward for two days directly.
  • The balance calculations have been adjusted again.
  • A deactivated button for the hall expansion is now also displayed if there is not enough money.
Boxer license
  • The boxer's license is now displayed in the overview window.
Boxer planning
  • An error when registering for license battles has been fixed.
  • The view of the patch notes has been revised a little.
  • The overlay window is now a little more user-friendly.
Special thanks go to TheHoff and BoxbudenBodo for the detailed error descriptions, tests and ideas.

Hotfix / Patch 1.5.2

Nightly calculations
  • A bug has been fixed that incorrectly calculated the accounts (at night).
  • Unfortunately, due to the miscalculations, we had to reset some incorrect accounts to € 500,000.
  • The wear and tear on the hall from a fight has been significantly reduced.
  • The boxer's licenses and total salaries are now displayed in the overview list.
Boxer Training
  • After each action taken, the browser jumps back to the corresponding point. This eliminates the annoying scrolling.
  • Blocked or deleted teams are now displayed with a corresponding note.
Special thanks this time to Lucky Luciano and Comtessa Cassandra for the numerous suggestions for improvement and ideas.

Hotfix / Patch 1.5.1

Transfer market
  • A serious error in the nightly calculations has been fixed. Transfer fees were debited twice at some auctions.
  • For security reasons, a blocking period has been implemented. New boxers in the club can only be put on the transfer market after 20 match days .
  • The Club licenses are now included in the auctions. Managers can only bid on Boxers for which they have the appropriate licenses.
  • The last transfers are now displayed in the lower part of the transfer market page.
  • Expired auctions are now displayed in the office.
Manager career
  • In the course of the last changes in Patch 1.5.0 , all missing successes and rewards are given retrospectively when logging in.
  • Unlocked achievements are displayed in an overlay window as soon as they are received.
  • The last audience load is now also shown in percent.
Warning: We're still looking!
  • Send us your ideas for further successes and rewards in the managerial career.
Special thanks go to TheHoff for his detailed description of the error on the transfer market problem.

Patch 1.5.0

  • The cost of upgrading the seats has been adjusted to match the game. When the maximum number of seats for a step has been reached, the hall must first be enlarged in order to be able to build more seats.
  • Achievements and rewards for upgrading the hall level have been added.
  • It is now possible to save all admission prices at the same time using the "Change price" button.
  • The maximum number of seats has been increased to 29,999.
  • The maximum training points of the club levels have been increased slightly. This means that from "Level 1" training points TP can be saved for the next day.
  • Achievements and rewards have been added for upgrading the club tier.
  • More achievements and rewards for "X Boxers Under Contract" have been added.
  • The funds for concluded sponsorship contracts have been adjusted to the game.
  • In addition, bonus payments are distributed for all fights, game days won in the league, ranked list fights won and champion title fights in the associations. The amount of the bonus payments depends on the sponsor level.
Warning: We're looking!
  • Send us your ideas for further successes and rewards in the managerial career.
We thank you for the helpful support tickets.

Patch 1.4.0

  • Every manager can now choose their own manager icon .
  • The team name can now be changed for a small fee.
  • "Automatic contract renewal" added as a new setting. Boxers' contracts are automatically renewed.
  • A new navigation point "Hall" has been added. Here you can give your hall a name, expand seats, set prices and check the condition to attract more spectators.
  • The calculations of the spectators for the different events such as league, ranking and other fights have been completely revised and coupled with the new features.
  • A message is displayed in the office if the condition of the hall has fallen below 25%.
Finances / Sponsors
  • A new navigation item "Finances" has been added. The balance sheet and sponsors can now be found here.
  • The balance sheets are now also cached on a daily basis. This means that statistics on the balance sheets for every manager will appear over the next few days.
We thank you for the helpful support tickets.

Patch 1.3.0

Assistant trainer
  • A bug has been fixed that caused the assistant coach's bonus effect to not be calculated during training.
League mode
  • Boxers for league mode "medium up to 75kg" were not correctly recognized. Boxers from 60 kg to 75 kg can now be assigned correctly.
Planning non-ranked matches
  • The search for offers has been completely revised.
Transfer market
  • The buy-it-now price when entering an auction may no longer fall below the market value of the Boxer.
  • Team name has been added to the auction overview page.
We would like to thank Mario Martin and missdoublek for the numerous ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Patch 1.2.0

Invite friends
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in no rewards being given to invited friends.
  • The correct recipient is now displayed again in the outbox.
Boxer Training
  • Notes are now displayed if the permissible weight would be exceeded or not exceeded.
  • A new option for weight control when losing weight and weight has been added. This keeps the weight within the limits for the active weight class.
  • The prices for club level, equipment and level of awareness have been adapted to the game.
  • Descriptions have been expanded.
We would like to thank thehoff and missdoublek for the numerous ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Patch 1.1.0

  • Rewards for "being logged in X days in a row" will be awarded correctly again.
  • Open tasks are now forwarded directly to the corresponding areas.
  • Weight planning has been added as a task.
  • License fights / other fights have been added as a task.
  • Important events of the day are now highlighted in RED.
Managerbar (under navigation)
  • The display was adapted a little to the player's wishes.
  • Age and country of origin have been added to the boxer list in the upper area (manager bar).
  • Confirmation windows now appear when upgrading the club level, equipment and advertising.
  • The levels of attitude, tactics and style are now included in the calculation of the total strength.
  • The next calculated salary is now displayed in the contract overview.
Boxer training
  • The descriptions of the individual postures, styles and tactics are now displayed as a tooltip.
  • A confirmation window now appears when you click on "Reset".
We would like to thank missdoublek for the numerous ideas and suggestions for improvement.

The open beta has started!

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