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Boxer Weight - Attributes - Planning - Achievements
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Club Upgrades - Boxer - Employees
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Hall License - Champion - Points
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Talenttree Level - Boxer - Points
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Finance Bank - Balance - Sponsors
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Rankings License - Champion - Points
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Fights Hall - Referee - Knock out
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Scout Talente - Amateure - Nachwuchs
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Finance Responsive Bootstrap Template

The boxing management game


Pound for pound - The boxing management game has is waiting for you

OBM - Online Boxing Manager is a free strategy management game based on the fascinating sport of boxing. Coach your fighters and manage their careers as they fight against opponents from all around the world.
Train their skills and lead them through exciting ranking fights and tournaments. Play against your friends and knock them out.
It is all up to you now and you may become the manager of world's most famous boxing club! Join the boxing management game with over 8000 registered players and various boxing leagues!

Have you been looking for a management game from the world of boxing? The Online Boxing Manager is just the thing you were searching for!

The OBM management game is absolutely free and does not require any local installation on your PC. Register yourself and start playing now!