OBM – Different from other boxing games

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Looking for one of these boxing games online?

The OnlineBoxingManager (OBM) is a little different to other online boxing games, as it is about finances and management. If you think of fighting as brute force, you may have the wrong impression about this fascinating sport. It is actually about choosing the right strategy and tactics in the ring. If you are still not convinced about the sport, then the numbers may persuade you to join the OBM community: at the moment, this online game is one of the most popular boxing games out there and is played by over 9000 registered users worldwide.

The OBM story: a realistic management simulation...

In this manager game you can build up your own club from the scratch. By getting more and more successful you may become the most famous manager in the history of sports. You can let your boxers fight against other players and win the championships. In the OBM leagues your can fight with your team against the clubs of other managers. If you are not satisfied with your staff, you can scout young talents or get more experienced boxers from the big transfer market. You can watch your fighters and make them to legends. In this management boxing game you have the possibility to manage male and female boxers. You have to coordinate your club by yourself, but you will get great assistance by your employees. In the office you will find a calendar showing your tasks and upcoming events. Make your club more popular around the world by winning more and more fights.

You can also play with your boxers in various leagues against other players worldwide. In this management fighting game you have the chance to manage male and female boxers. You have to coordinate your club, however your staff assists you of course. In the office you will find a calendar where tasks and upcoming ranking and league fights are displayed. Make your club more popular around the world by winning the fighting games.

Do you want to start right now?

Then check out this fascinating sports management simulation. This online fighting game is absolutely free and does not require any installation. There are not that many online boxing games out there like this one. You will become addicted while managing your mighty sports club. If you are stuck at the beginning, the helpful tutorials and quests will assist you to get started really quickly. In the OBM forum and the shoutbox, many others players will assist you and answer your question in time. The manager among the fighting games online is finally out there!

Register now and start playing the sports manager online. Knock your enemies out.