Boxing Online - The boxing manager simulation

online manager
You were searching for a boxing online game ?
The OBM - Online Boxing Manager is a manager simulation that you can play completely free inside your browser against thousands of other players. The boxing management game is waiting for you.

In this boxing online game you can build up your own boxing club and become the most successful manager in the history.
Let your boxers fight against other players and let them win the boxing championships.
Play in the league against the clubs of other players online. Scout young talents or get more experienced boxers from the transfer market.
Watch your fighters boxing and make them to legends.
In this boxing online game you have the possibility to manage male and female boxers. You have to coordinate your club by yourself,
but you will get assistance. In the office you will find a calendar showing your tasks and upcoming boxing events.
Make your club more popular around the world by winning more and more boxing fights.
The latest feature of the OBM champions league will take your breath. The top-notch clubs from the boxing scene are fighting here against each other. Do you want to start managing your club now? Then do not wait and check out the free boxing online game. The OBM does not require any installation or download. It can be played directly from the browser.

Register now for free and start with the boxing manager game.