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What are manager games?
In classic games of this genre, you can play as manager of a sports club or team against the computer or online against other real players. There are a lot of different sports manager games available. Boxing is one of the most popular sports discipline. People all around the world are fascinated by two fighters in the ring. That was one of the main reasons to develop one of these boxing manager games online.

Finally about boxing - not one of these soccer manager games
OBM - Online Boxing Manager is a free strategy manager game based on the fascinating sport of boxing. Coach your fighters and manage their careers as they fight against opponents from all around the world. Train their skills and lead them through exciting ranking fights and tournaments. If you need new boxing talents, you can use the scout or get experienced boxers from the transfer market. Play against your friends and knock them out. It is all up to you now and you may become the manager of world's most famous boxing club. Join the OBM with over 8000 registered players and various boxing leagues.

Have you been looking for one of these manager games - from the world of boxing?
If you are interested in motivating and thrilling online manager games, then this online game here will chain you for a long time, then the boxing management simulation will be perfect for you. After registration, hundreds of other players will help you to get into the game really fast. The OBM Forum and the internal shoutbox can be used to ask questions. You will probably also get a fast answer by someone else who had the same or a similar problem before. The Online Boxing Manager can be played online for free and you do not even need to install or download it on your PC.
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