Boxing Game – Manage your own club

online manager
Have you been looking for a boxing game?
The Online Boxing Manager may be the online sports game you were searching for. This online fighting game offers you to manage your own club with a staple of young boxing talents. Every management day will be exciting, as you will have to coordinate many things at the same time: ranking fights, training, transfers, motivation of your boxers, sparring fights and keep an eye on the fans in your hall.

Are you interested in management, economy and finances?
If you are into strategy-based manager games with a lot of tactics involved, you are at the right place. In this onlinegame management game, you will lead your own club and become the most successful manager in the history. Let your boxers fight against other players from all around the world and let them win the boxing championships. Play in the OBM league against the clubs of other managers. Scout young talents or get more experienced boxers from the transfer market. Watch your fighters and make them to legends. The fans in your hall will make each fight an unforgettable event for everyone.

Boxing game with endless possibilities...
In this online boxing game you have the possibility to manage male and female boxers. You have to coordinate your club by yourself, but you will get assistance by hired employees. In the office you will find a calendar showing your tasks and upcoming boxing events. Make your club more popular around the world by winning the important fights. Promote your club and your fighters, but keep an eye on sponsering and the condition of your hall.

Do you want to start now?
Then do not hesitate and check out our boxing game OBM. The boxing game is absolutely free and does not require any installation or download on your PC. You can also play it on your mobile device, smartphone or tablet.

Register now and start with the online boxing game. Knock your enemies out!