Tutorial - [ The Boxers ]

The Style

Boxers can improve in a specific boxing style in order be more successful.
Style can be improved by daily training up to level 5. Doing so will require TPs and energy.

A boxer can only use one style at a time. In order to change the style you need to reset the current training.

In-Fighters stay very close to the opponent during the fight and apply constant pressure. This style is suitable for short boxers that lack reach. Stamina and Robustness are beneficial.

Out-Fighters try to stay at range during the fight. Tall fighters with good reach are the ones most successful using this style. For this style your boxers needs both Speed and Stamina.

Counterfighters wait for the opponent to make a move and then tries to evade and land their punches. Mobility, Speed and Stamina are all important attributes for this.

Punchers are well-balanced all-round fighters. All attributes are advantageous for them.

Brawler is an aggressive boxer style. Brawlers (also called Sluggers) try to win the fight by using pure force and their muscles. Strength and Stamina are preferred attributes.