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[Topic] cant switch leagues
i tried switching leagues from heavy to light. i have the appropriate boxers, but when i select change mode i get an error message and it wont change. Can you please fix? [since 1986 day(s) 09:37]
Could you copy and paste what the error message is? [since 1974 day(s) 13:25]
I will do so at the end of this season if the problem is still the same. I cant switch leagues in mid season. :) [since 1971 day(s) 11:27]
Oh right, league. I was thinking association for some odd reason.

Doubt this is the error you're talking about, but just to throw the information out there to see if it'll help, but when forming teams for leagues, you actually can't use the same fighters you use in the 6v6 league for one of your 2v2 teams. I'm not sure how recent that change was, but I didn't realize that until the season I returned.
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Hi again, No that is not the issue at all. I wanted to switch from 2v2 heavy to 2v2 light (completely different boxers) and it wouldnt allow me to do it. I was thinking of getting to middleweights and going for 6v6 at the end of this season, but would it work? Either way at the end of the season I will let you know what happens regarding switching the leagues. Do you know if the bug to invite friends has been fixed? I sent email to 2 friends from the site and both said they have not received (I want that achievement :P).

P.S. Paul Phoenix is the best!!! :)
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I just tried that earlier with a second e-mail account, and I'm still having issues too. Not sure what's going on with that bug, or if the invites have just been deactivated. [since 1966 day(s) 16:21]
well please let me know if you get it working. i would appreciate it. :) [since 1964 day(s) 09:19]
this is how the error reads on the task bar: http://www.onlineboxingmanager.com/module/league_config/?modusid=1&action=assign

the page is then completely blank (white page)

Also cant apply for the 6v6 league. It doesnt pick up any of the boxers when I apply. I have 6. All the right weight, sex and category.

never mind got it working. says im registered for 6v6 and 2v2 medium though even though no boxers r selected for the medium league
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You can register your boxers in more than 1 league? i've tried and coudlnt do it... [since 1771 day(s) 11:13]
Only 1 2v2 league & 1 6v6 league. [since 1770 day(s) 16:37]
and for example 1 2vs2 heavy and 1 2vs2 light? [since 1770 day(s) 18:09]
Nope, only 1 of those 2 [since 1770 day(s) 19:46]