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[Topic] Negative balance

I haven't played OBM for a long time now, I'd imagine it's been a few years.
So today, I felt a random inkling to play it. So ofc I went on and logged in. I still remembered my login details.

I logged on and to my surprise, I noticed, for whatever reason, my account balance is -2.366.656.789,- €.
Last time I played this game, I'm pretty sure I was in the green and I was making more than I was losing. I have even checked my balance sheet and I am unaware of where all the debt is coming from. 
My income ('Others' is the only source of income) is 620.775,- € and my expenses ('Others' is my only expense, even though I am unsure of what exactly 'Others' is) is 59.555,- €. 
So my income is greater than my expenses, yet I am still constantly losing money, due to an overdraft I have, which I shouldn't have, because I was still making money.

I'm at a standstill now because their isn't anything I can do, being this deep in debt. I can't make any money.
Is there any way around this? Anything to do? Is it possible to clear my debt?
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