Tutorial - [ The OBM League ]


OBM League Mode

Every new manager automatically plays in a league. However, the league can be changed by choosing another league mode. To do so you will need male and a female boxers from the correct weight classes for the league.

Current league modes:

  • [2vs2] Light
    1x male boxer and 1x female boxer / up to 60 kg

  • [2vs2] Medium
    1x male boxer and 1x female boxer / up to 75 kg

  • [2vs2] Heavy
    1x male boxer and 1x female boxer / more than 75 kg

  • [6vs6] Team
    3x male boxers and 3x female boxers / all weight classes

  • [6vs6] Champion
    Best teams of the country leagues from the season before are qualified

League Formation

To take part in the league you will need to sign up the regulated number of boxers of the correct gender and weight class.
You can also add reserves for your league boxers in each league mode.
Note that if you do not provide enough boxers for a match day in the league that league match will be automatically lost. So make sure that your team have enough fighters for each match.


- League mode can only be changed at match day 24.
- The starting league will be the lowest possible for each mode.
- The match days for the season will be calculated at matchday 1.