Tutorial - [ The Boxers ]

The Stance

Every boxer can specialize in a boxing stance.

Stance can be improved by daily training up to level 5. Doing so will require TPs and energy.

A boxer can only use one stance at a time. In order to change the stance you need to reset the current training.

Possible stances are Orthodox (right boxing hand - left foot forward) and the rare Southpaw (left boxing hand - right foot forward).

Note that left handed boxers have difficulties fighting in the Orthodox stance and right handed boxers have trouble fighting Southpaw.

Note that boxers with a left boxing hand have difficulties with the normal orthodox stance. Vice versa, the same for boxers with a right boxing hand and the southpaw stance.

If two boxers with different stances are fighting, they will have a higher chance for critical hits as they may step onto each other’s feet.