Tutorial - [ The Boxers ]

Optimal Weight

The weight of the boxer plays an important role for the result of every boxing match.

In the weight section you will find a bar which shows the current weight and how close this weight is to the optimum weight. The more the bar is filled (green color), the better the chance are for the boxer to win fights in this weight class.

If the current weight is too low or too high it will be invalid and the boxer will disqualified for the next ranking fight and your club will pay a penalty fee.

The narrow bar below the current weight show the calculated body mass index of the boxer. This should be in the green section for optimal performance.

Attention: If the weight is not suitable for the boxer, you should consider changing the weight class.

A weight class change can be performed once a day and only if there are no ranking fights planned for the following match day.

Note: Changing the weight class is free; however, all statistics from the previous class will be deleted.