Tutorial - [ The Boxers ]

Information and Statistics

In the boxers overview you can find information for each of your boxer. Gender, origin, age, weight, height, reach, titles and awards, contract length, injury history and so on.

The most recent average strength is calculated every night by first taking the 5 primary attributes strength, mobility, speed, stamina and robustness. Then levels for boxing style, stance and tactics is added.

If the weight is shown in red, it is an important sign that the current weight of the boxer for a fight in this weight class is not valid. The boxer would be disqualified for the next ranking fight. You should consider a weight reduction or weight increase by using the training section.

Please remember:

[1.] To assign an association and the correct weight class.
[2.] To train your boxers every day and control their weights.
[3.] To take care about correct BMI (body mass index).
[4.] Planning of ranking and non-ranking fights.
[5.] Planning of license fights.