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Boxer Weight - Attributes - Planning - Achievements
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Club Upgrades - Boxer - Employees
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Hall License - Champion - Points
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Talenttree Level - Boxer - Points
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Finance Bank - Balance - Sponsors
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Rankings License - Champion - Points
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Fights Hall - Referee - Knock out
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Scout Talente - Amateure - Nachwuchs
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Patch 2.8.0

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Pound for pound - The king of the boxing games

The Online Boxing Manager (OBM) is a free strategy-based browser game from the fascinating world of sports. Coach your fighters and manage their careers, while they fight against opponents from all around the world. Train the individual skills of your talents and lead them through exciting ranking fights, boxing games and tournaments. Play against your friends and knock them out. Register now and play the OBM fighting game.

Do you like sports management and boxing games?

This online game is different from typical online boxing games and browsergames: this realistic sports game is about good tactics, hard training and clever management strategies. It is one of the most played boxing online games out there with over 13,000 registered players from all around the world. In this fascinating free online game you may become the manager of the most famous club in the world. Exciting boxing games and various league modes are waiting for you. Join the addictive sports game now and play for free.

The search for a boxing online game is over

The OBM Manager Online is among the most popular free boxing games online. Every management day is unlike any other in this fighting sports game. However, if you want to make your talents to real champions like the famous Muhammad Ali, you need to invest in their daily training. You can let your boxers fight against other players and win the championships. In the OBM league you can participate with your team in boxing games and fights against the clubs of your friends and other players. If you are not satisfied with your staff and their abilities in the free boxing online game, you can scout young talents or get more experienced boxers (some are even better than Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao) from the transfer market.

Play the OBM manager online game

The OBM is one of the few management and boxing games that has absolutely no costs. Neither does it require a local installation on your computer. Unlike many boxing games online, the player cannot buy success with real money. This management simulation is completely financed by our helpful user community through voluntary donations. Register now for the boxing online game.

[] OBM Browsergame News
19.04.2016 We would like to apologize to all players for the downtime on the tournament days. You can redeem the following code: AUSFL-OBM-APRL
26.02.2016 Info - Added new gamecode on facebook.
10.02.2016 Patch - Updated cleaners effects and costs.
27.12.2015 Hotfix - Sorry for the downtime today. We fixed a bug in league fightday routines.
10.12.2015 Info - Added new gamecode on facebook. Added 2 new achievements.
23.11.2015 Info - Added new gamecode on facebook. Valid until 2015-12-01
03.09.2015 Info - Added new gamecode on facebook
28.07.2015 Info - we added a gamecode for July on facebook. Just visit the public facebook page (no registration required).
29.06.2015 Info - we added a new gamecode to the facebook page. You do not need to be registered on facebook to access the code btw.
27.05.2015 Patch - Several issues in the marketplace were fixed.
20.05.2015 Patch - Fix boxstyle and stance bug. Fix market place slots.
02.04.2015 Info - Added new gamecode to our facebook page. Items included: TP, EXP, Fitness and a random item.
16.03.2015 Patch - Boxers can train more than one tactic now. The selected tactic is used in further fights. Also we do some bug fixes and added more donations packags.
05.03.2015 Info - Added new gamecode to our facebook page. Items included: TP, EXP, Fitness and a random item.
05.02.2015 Info - We are very sorry for the bug in fights today. The backup is broken, so we can't reset this gameday. Sorry! We like to send you now items and motivation bonus for all the trouble.

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